the herbiest vehicle

luke morgan steirischer herbst


luke morgan steirischer herbst


luke hand painting the herbiest vehicle he designed for the steirischerherbst festival in austria with lyrics taken from popular songs celebrating the freedom of travel

appearing at Bad Radkersburg, Wildon, Stainz and Bad DC Mountain. “The autumn-vehicle” is designed to be a dynamic meeting place, a small and agile festival center unit.


luke morgan-veronica kaup-hasler-councillor-christian-buchmann

photo by  J J Kucek

Councillor Christian Buchmann, autumn-director Veronica Kaup-Hasler with Luke with the autumn-vehicle 


luke morgan steirischer herbst 03


the vehicle is equipped with

a sound system and mixing desk for bands, DJs and performers, external tanoy for campaigning 

refrigerator, cooker, pod seating, phone charging for entertaining

stage, overhead canopies, A boards, chairs, tables and benches 

independent batteries for of grid events supported with solar panels


luke morgan herbiest vehicle arriving



luke morgan herbiest vehicle close up



luke morgan big green car



luke morgan herbiest vehicle front



luke morgan steirischer herbst 05


rear doors fold down with hydraulics and open out to form the stage and canopy




designed by luke morgan and fabricated in austria by Hermann Schapek and his team


luke morgan vehikel steirischer herbst 1


luke morgan vehikel steirischer herbst 2



luke morgan vehikel steirischer herbst


sketchup concepts by luke morgan

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