59 el camino project

Introducing the 1959 Chevy El Camino !

Below was my first sight of mine

and it just had to be bought

back home before i had the four post lift

it looked great and back at the studio the photo shoots started, this is Kim by Tina Korhonen

and below Kim with John of The Develish Preselys

and one i took of Tiger with Jet from the UK Subs,

all great fun but eventually it was time to take a look at the rust underneath and there is always more than expected, here is a shot  taken after cutting out the floor looking up into the car

and some nice new pans flown from the States by Classic Industries, i had just tacked this in place ready for seam welding.

here is “GOLIATH”  real name, the cutter trimming the sheet metal

and bellow rolling some shapes

With the floor done its fitting the new loom next

and respraying the repaired brake release

nice new fuel filter in the tank as well as one in line

then oh dear, time for another photo shoot, go on then if you must, what a great life, this time with Bogdana, https://www.bogdanachivas.net shot again by Tina, https://www.tina-k.com